CS-9018 | Cutter/Stacker Accessory for Laser Printer

The SATO CS-9018

SATO’s CS-9018 is the ultimate finishing equipment for customers who need to slit, cut, and sequentially stack preprinted tags. This easy-to-use cutter/stacker can now process 235,000 tickets per hour.

  • Self-Contained, Continuous Form Ticket Handling
  • Slit, Cut & Sequentially Stack Tickets at 235,000 per hr (Requires optional slitter assembly)
  • Automatic Top-of-Form Registration
  • Double-Cut Capability for Clean-Edge Tickets
  • Variable Speed Capability
  • Stores up to 99 Ticket Configurations

There are excellent reasons some of the world’s largest retailers and print shops use SATO’s LP 100R printer with the CS-9018 cutter/stacker – speed, capabilities, and low cost to use.


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Warren Neeley

Continuous Feed Laser Printer Specialist

Warren Neeley is a seasoned professional in the IT hardware/software sales industry, boasting over four decades of experience. Since 2008, he has been a pivotal figure at Printer Connection as a Sales Specialist for Continuous Feed Printers. His expertise includes mission-critical enterprise printing solutions, particularly in high-volume and precision-demand environments.

 wneeley@pciprinters.com  https://satocflaserprinters.com/

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