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SATO America has been a leader in laser label printing solutions for over two decades and is recognized for delivering rugged dependability and reliable performance throughout its product line.

Available with the optional IPDS print language, the SATO LP 100R replaces older IPDS continuous-form laser printers that are no longer sold and are now withdrawn from support.

We offer the best pricing and the market's best maintenance on the latest SATO Laser label printers.

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Warren Neeley

Continuous Feed Laser Printer Specialist

Warren Neeley is a seasoned professional in the IT hardware/software sales industry, boasting over four decades of experience. Since 2008, he has been a pivotal figure at Printer Connection as a Sales Specialist for Continuous Feed Printers. His expertise includes mission-critical enterprise printing solutions, particularly in high-volume and precision-demand environments.

Printronix Printer Replacement | Laser Printer

Many customers with Printronix printers have been looking for alternative solutions ever since Printronix stopped selling laser printers in 2008. If you own a Printronix L5535 or other discontinued model, SATO is committed to improving the productivity and efficiency of your print operation.

SATO’s LP 100R is a great replacement for the discontinued L5XXX Series of Printronix laser printers. The LP 100R is faster, very reliable, easy to use, and supported by the best service in the industry. Our printer also provides low running costs that other alternatives can’t match.

Our customers are thrilled with the improvements they see from upgrading their obsolete Printoix printers to the LP 100R. If you’re experiencing problems with your old Printronix laser printers, do yourself a favor by upgrading to the SATO LP 100R immediately.